“that box, artbox. Bang, good shot”

Made to measure, 1-2-1 art sessions

Based in Sussex, I travel to participants residencies to deliver person-centred art sessions. This is ideal for individuals who find working in a groups problematic, who have additional needs and/or have travel restrictions.

I design tailored activities that enable people to experience self expression and opportunities for independent decision making whilst they explore new and varied art processes and materials. Sessions are delivered around individual needs and people are able to progress at their own speed, towards personal goals.

I believe that artistic expression can potentially benefit self esteem, enrich lives and empower people.

Please get in touch if you have an enquiry.

Here’s some feedback from support staff:

“Its a highlight of the week for him, he’s so proud of what he does in his art sessions – we keep it on the walls all week and he shows visitors his work, its his very own gallery!”

“Its looks easy to do but I know how difficult it can be to engage x, its great to see him so relaxed and absorbed for that long”

“G really looks forward his art sessions. He does not usually like being in big groups. We use your name and talk about his art box to help calm him when he is agitated” Support worker.


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