Exploring inclusive art and design – product and process

My background as a graphic artist and my studies on the MA Inclusive Arts Practice at the University of Brighton led me to investigate the opportunities and barriers that exist for a learning-disabled artist within the design industry.

I explored the strategies and practices required to be in place to support this by working with Kelvin Burke who is a member of the Rocket Artists; an Arts Council funded group for learning disabled artists.

For fifteen weeks we worked together to create designs for two leaflets for, Cupp (Community University Partnership Programme) www.brighton.ac.uk/cupp/

The brief required us to consider two distinct audiences. The final covers for the two leaflets are shown.

While answering this real-life brief we used desk-space at Wall & Pleece design and marketing company www.wallandpleece.co.uk/. We explored many aspects of work and collaborative creativity such as how to design together using our individual skills, considering client expectations, what happens in meetings, how to meet deadlines, keeping track of expenses, contracts and payment options. We called our collaboration ‘happy holiday’, they were words chosen by us in an activity that juxstaposed images with words.

Two books document the artwork we produced and processes we followed, along with my recommendations and impact on partners involved in the project. they are available on request.

We are keen to continue our collaborative relationship by working on new project briefs. Please visit  www.happyholidaydesign.co.uk/ to see more of our work or contact info@jooffer.co.uk if you have a brief we can help you with.


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